Join Tessalit DAO: Pioneering African Innovation Together

We are a revolutionary collective committed to reimagining the innovation landscape, with a keen focus on Africa's untapped potential

who we are

Our platform provides an opportunity for African innovators to connect, collaborate, and create groundbreaking solutions. We transcends geographical boundaries, incubate startups, and encourages the growth of home-grown talent.

OUr mission

Enable Africa to lead its tech revolution

As a founding member, you get the unique chance to:

Shape the narrative

Drive projects that redefine tech, powered by African perspectives

Connect with like-minds

Be part of a global network of African change makers

Master your craft

Learn, grow, and become a leader in your field

Work on exciting projects

Use cutting-edge technology to transform ideas into reality

how you will achieve this

We are building a network for collaborative venture building and funding driven by the brightest minds of African origin

Venture Studio

The Tessalit Venture Studio is the birthplace of daring ideas. Here, we incubate and cultivate these ideas, transforming them into venture-backable businesses. By doing so, we hold an equity stake in the startups, fostering the growth and sustainability of Tessalit.

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Innovation Lab

Our Innovation Lab offers a collaborative space for external organizations desiring to venture into unexplored territories of ideas, technologies, and processes. This symbiotic relationship not only broadens Tessalit's influence across the innovation landscape but also brings in revenue, fortifying Tessalit's financial strength.

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Hackathons are Tessalit's innovation sandbox. They offer a rapid and dynamic platform for curious builders to assemble teams, develop ideas, and create prototypes. These platforms allow us to unearth promising talents and projects, which could be further nurtured within our Venture Studio or through our Accelerator Programs.

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